Pirates News · Minh Tong- February Pirate PRIDE Activities Student of the Month!

Congratulations to Minh Tong on being voted the February Pirate PRIDE Activities Student of the Month! Minh was nominated for his efforts and accomplishments in Robotics.

Minh has grown so much and works in a wide variety of roles on the Robotics Team.  As the team works toward building a robot for competition, he has been a strong member of both the business and fabrication teams.  He is eager to dive in where he is needed and able to learn new skills through perseverance and research.  As a business manager in his freshman season, he took care of a wide variety of details that needed to be addressed to move a team to a 4-day competition.

This year he has stepped into our fabrication team and the skills he has learned in business are working in his favor as he understands the ins and outs of competition and had time last year to investigate other teams.  He is not afraid to go out and do research for inspiration and try the things he learns.  He is eager to help team members and has proven to be invaluable on our build team.  He has also been practicing for his role in our drive team.  The drivers control the robot during competition and in that role he has been working with the programming team to assure that the controllers are set up and programmed in a way that makes sense to the game players; that involves programming the buttons on the controllers to do all the things you want the robot to do and having those button locations make sense. As we head to competition, the work he has done to research, build, and coordinate programming will serve our team and our robot well as it hits the field for its weekend long tournament in Duluth.

Way to go, Minh!