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Pirates Softball Nation:

I’m very pleased to announce (and show off..attached) the BRAND NEW PC Varsity Softball Field BULLPEN is complete!

Special thanks go out to Michael Lallas (Project Manager) Dan Dugas, Eric Oelfke, Jay Roles, and Dayne Doebbler!! Their hard-work (and sweat!) over 3 hours yesterday made

the Bullpen a reality — Great job, guys!!

A two-mound Bullpen at the Varsity field will give our pitchers/catchers an excellent place to perfect their skills. We’ll definitely be using it during our October HS Softball training season!

Next up, in September, will be improvements to the Varsity Field Batting Cage. We’ll be adding an AstroTurf “floor” to keep the Cage dry and free of weeds, making the Cage usable year round. This will significantly improve our ability to work with our hitters during the fall, spring and summer!

Michael will be looking for volunteers to help with this project in September.


Coach Cardinal