Multiple Teams · Match Admission Sign Up

SIGNUP LINK: (copy and paste)

The NWSC has now allowed a limited amount of spectators to watch our Volleyball matches LIVE!  Each player and coach is allowed up to two spectators in the stands for each individual match.  After the match has concluded, you will be asked to exit so that the spectators for the next match may arrive.

You may sign up to attend a match of your choosing by using this link to our SIGNUP site.  Please noteFamily members will have first priority.  If the space is filled by a non-family member, you may be removed to allow a family member to attend.  Please note that you may be charged to attend as you would during a regular season.

This is set up for both HOME and AWAY matches.  Make sure you sign up at least 24 hours in advance so that we can get you on the official list at the entrance.

If you are volunteering for an official job for a match, you do not need to sign in here.  You are considered an essential worker and will be able to get in for free.